About Us


Our mission is to provide high quality, high performance, cost-effective engineered systems that include Led and solar LED lights, and off-utility grid solar power systems for commercial, industrial and government applications.

Lightning Consulting Ltd is a leading provider in the practical application of solar powered lights, grid-tie and off-grid installations and solutions. The company is a privately owned company.

Lightning Consulting Ltd is a progressive, agile, inventive company and is committed to reducing carbon emissions using best-in-class technology. Our company brings durable, reliable and affordable lighting to a wide range of clients, each having a unique and often harsh operating environment.

Lightning Consulting Ltd recognizes that the industry is rapidly changing as more efficient technology becomes available. That is why we continue to work closely at a grass roots level with users, contractors, installers, specifiers, and technologists worldwide. With their practical experience, our team is able to focus our processes and engineering efforts on practical product refinements that enhance durability, performance, and reduce costs.”

Lightning Consulting Ltd operated clean technology company that designs and manufactures LED-based roadway luminaires and control systems. Our design center is staffed by a team of experts in the areas of optics, mechanical design, power supply design, and reliability engineering. Our products are RoHS compliant (free of lead and mercury), and provide energy savings of up to 60% with substantially reduced maintenance costs. Our luminaires are installed in more than 40 countries.

Our initial goal was to develop a commercially viable LED-based street light. We did much more than that. Drawing on decades of combined experience, we created the ground-breaking Satellite series fixtures. We have continued to innovate and deliver new products to the market, including the SL series of luminaires, and a full suite of networked and non-networked lighting controls. Lightning Consulting Ltd prides itself on providing innovative roadway lighting solutions, with an emphasis on performance, reliability, quality, and lowest cost of ownership.

Our primary manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified, and has been producing LED lighting products since 2008.

Lightning Consulting Ltd began commercial production of LED street lights in 2008. We employ lean manufacturing techniques that ensure efficient production and on-time delivery.

Our Research and Development team has developed multiple articles of intellectual property related to the SL Series luminaires and control products. These innovations include our unique optics systems, our high-reliability power supplies, and our thermal management system.

Lightning Consulting Ltd is small enough to be flexible and responsive to customer requirements, yet large enough to support your projects now and in the future. Our in-house design and manufacturing, combined with an empowering management, supports innovation and reduced time to market.