Everlite EL-SL18

Everlite is a based on really known-how team with 10 years experience of R&D,
manufacture and marketing of LED street lights.
Everlite is now launching to the market a world top class, state of the art designed, E-one series street light luminaries.

COB LED street light?
Multiple-led Module street Light?
Which is better? How to make a wise decision?
With E-one family, we end your trouble and question. E-one can accommodate both COB LED and multiple-led module>

State of the art designed body. Patented Ribbon-Free housing Technology
1. ADC 12 Die-Casting aluminium body. Everlite Patented Ribbon-free Housing technology Whole body is a flat pieces of alu-heat sink, no ugly Heat dissipation fins on the body any more
2. No more worry about the birds waste, falling leaves, sand storms, excellent self-cleaning capability
3. The Ribbon-Free Housing is design with knowledge of Aero-Dynamics, fluid mechanic and bionics, enable the highest possible heat dissipation rate, make sure the led component is working at low junction temperature, thus a really 50,000 hours life time

Everlite patented E-lens optic management platform G2 Angle-eyes Optic lens family First optic glass lens with Equi-luminance and Equi-lux 93% percent of light transmittance rate more 10 different bean patterns to satisfy any kind of road requirements.

The E-one family equipped with CREE COB LED CXA or CREE XT-E, delivers incredible system efficacy of 100 LM/W The CREE LED gives not only high lumen output, but also high quality of white colour, uniformity and perfect visibility experience

The E-one family equipped with Meanwell HLG series or Inventronics 5 years warranty LED power supply. With an build-in surge protection of 4KV/6KV; by adding an external SPD, the luminaire Surge protection class will up to 10KV.20KV